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Oldest Credit Union in the State of Kentucky
Founded in 1924, by United States Post Office Employees in Louisville KY, the Louisville Federal Credit Union is the oldest Credit Union in the state of Kentucky. The Credit Union still exists for one reason, to serve the financial needs of its members. The Credit Union’s founding fathers recognized that a cooperative financial institution could provide them with responsive, reasonably priced access to financial services. Today, over 90 years later, these reasons still provide the foundation for continued development as LFCU serves more than 3500 Federal Employees in the Louisville area.

The credit union idea is a simple one: People should be able to pool their money and make loans to each other.

Our Mission is Your Mission. Your Credit Union provides and promotes the use of a variety of financial services.

Credit unions are chartered under either federal or State law.

Privacy Statement
Because our Members’ Safety is Our Concern.

How To Join
Membership in this Credit Union is limited to current members, Federal Government Employees, Federal Government Retirees, Federal Government contract employees, and family members of current or eligible members.